Granby Police Obtain Arrest Warrant for Suspect Involved in Car Breaks and ATV Theft

Posted on Sep 30 2012
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The Granby Police Department began investigating several vehicle break-ins during the last few weeks. At the same time the vehicle breaks began a resident reported a three wheeled ATV stolen. Tire tracks left at the scene of the breaks and a witness statement led police to believe that the stolen ATV was used in the vehicle breaks. There was also an incident reported in which a barn had been entered and power equipment had been stolen. Officers received information from an alert resident who in speaking with one of the victims mentioned seeing a similar ATV being operated at a residence in the area of the break-ins.
Officers acting on that information began to investigate the home and its residents. The investigation led officers to recover numerous items that had been reported stolen from Granby residents. These items include a three wheeled ATV, a 36 inch chain saw, GPS units, keys that had been stolen from a vehicle and a cell phone charger that had been reported stolen.
The investigation led officers to link the suspect to other break-ins in which property has not been recovered.
Investigating officers also recovered a new laptop computer that had been stolen from Putnam High School in Springfield.
Officers applied for an arrest warrant for the suspect 25 year old Andrew Przybyla who was living temporarily at 332 Batchelor Street in Granby. The warrant application listed five counts of receiving stolen property. The arrest warrant was issued and is still outstanding.
Patrolman Jason Richard was the lead officer responsible for the investigation. He was assisted by Patrolman James White.

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