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Seniors and Law Enforcement Together

Officer Gary Poehler is our new liaison for the S.A.L.T Program. Gary will be happy to answer any questions you may have. Gary is also available for presentations for your club or organization.

TRIAD is a community based policing initiative between seniors, law enforcement, and service providers to increase safety through education and crime prevention. Granby's participation in TRIAD led to the formation of a SALT Council (Seniors And Law Enforcement Together) made up of Senior Citizens, community members and our Chief of Police. The goal of the SALT Council is to work together with the Seniors, addressing their crime Prevention concerns.The SALT Council has been in existence for seven years. We have sponsored home security surveys, have distributed crime prevention materials for Seniors, distributed File of Life packets, and have given various crime prevention seminars. We recently sponsored a 55 alive driving class for Seniors, through AARP. In June we will be holding our second annual Police/Senior cookout. Last year's picnic was a great success. It gave the Senior Citizens a chance to meet and mingle with members of the Department, who cooked and served them a picnic lunch. The Department is in it's seventh year of participating in our Seniors and Law enforcement Together Program. This year's activities have included a house numbering effort, continued work on a Solicitor Regulation By-law, a seminar on personal safety, and, most recently, a Shop with a Cop program in which Seniors were accompanied on a Christmas shopping trip by a police officer.

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