Citizen Dispute Resolution Program

Disagreement with a friend?
Feuding in the family?
Problems between youths???
Conflict between neighbors?
Have a dispute?
Why not give it a try?

Contact the Granby PD by calling 467-9222 or contact us.

Don't let "little problems" get out of hand!

Let us help settle the dispute!

The Granby Police Department offers a Citizen Dispute Resolution Program to hear and try to resolve issues between residents in a peaceful way. Disputes submitted to the Panel will be discussed and reviewed in an orderly impartial manner. All parties will have a chance to "tell their side" and hear the other side. Hopefully you can resolve the "problem" yourselves! The panel will make a recommendation to settle the dispute to the satisfaction of those involved.
What the program IS:

  • It is free
  • It is non-binding
  • It is impartial
  • It is open to all residents
  • Its simple
  • Its fast
  • Its effective

What the program is NOT:

  • It is NOT meant to replace the Courts
  • It is NOT going to solve every situation
  • It is NOT going to take up a lot of your time
  • It is NOT going to make any situation worse

This program is funded by a Community Policing Grant through the Executive Office of Public Safety

Training provided by:
The Mediation and Training Collaborative, Greenfield MA.